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Cobalt Sky provide award winning IT solutions to the Market Research industry. Specialising in Online Data Collection, Data Processing and Analytics, we also provide Data Entry services. Find out more on each of these below.

Award Winning

Online Data Collection

Our award winning Data Collection Team specialise in creating interactive, visually engaging and technically excellent online surveys. No matter how complex or simple the brief, we can develop innovative question types to collect the data you need.

We design our online surveys to provide a smooth and engaging user experience across all devices and operating systems. With extensive experience in managing multi-country, multi-language studies, we make sure nothing gets lost in translation.

Here are just some of the research techniques we are regularly commissioned to undertake:

  • Interactive concept and image testing
  • Implicit response testing
  • Facial coding / Eye tracking
  • Adaptive conjoint / max diff
  • Complex online diaries
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Data processing has been a cornerstone of our business since we started in 1989. We have one of the most experienced teams in the industry who strive to provide deliverables of the highest standard on projects of all kinds. We love to create strong, long standing relationships with our clients which ultimately helps to make cost and time savings for them.

We work on a multitude of different data processing projects of all shapes and sizes. In addition to more standard ad-hoc jobs, we frequently provide:

  • Multi-Wave/Tracking studies
  • Complex hierarchical studies
  • Levels
  • Merging large datasets from multiple sources
  • Charts, Portals or Word Clouds for more visual results

We pride ourselves on delivering your data right on time, first time.

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If you're looking for a helping hand to get even more out of your data, Cobalt Sky, in partnership with analytics expert John McConnell and his team at Analytical People can provide the solution. Analytics techniques that we offer include:

  • Key Drivers Analysis - Discover what drives customer intent, behaviour, satisfaction, perception and other important outcomes.
  • Segmentation – Identify groups of customers with attitudes, behaviours or demographics in common.
  • Trade-off Analysis – Test and evaluate the appeal of new product configurations and price points, using conjoints, or other choice-based, methods.
  • Predictive Analytics – Apply historical patterns to predict future outcomes of interest.
  • Data Visualisation – Utilise the power of graphics and employ visual tools to help reveal meaningful patterns in your data.
  • Simulations and ‘what ifs?’ – Combine Predictive Analytics in software tools to test scenarios like the effect of price changes on your market share.
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We know that for some market research projects Paper Assisted Personal Interviewing (PAPI) is still the best way to capture the rich content you need. Our dedicated data entry team punch, verify and edit paper studies quickly and efficiently, taking standard paper questionnaires and digitalising the data.

The team write edits, check validity, report data issues, amend and then recheck in order to get you clean, accurate data ready for analysis.

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Winyaps is a table formatter that allows you to seamlessly format and standardise tables, making them instantly ready for client presentation.

Used as the industry standard tool by thousands of market researchers worldwide, Winyaps takes table output from programs like Quantum, Merlin and MRDCL and converts them into high quality, presentation-ready tables. Winyaps is also a gateway for other output formats, which means you can generate tables in Word, Excel, HTML and PDF.

To go alongside Winyaps, our handy SmartXL Macro add-on makes your exported Excel files look identical to Winyaps tables by automatically applying the same styles and index making things even simpler. 

For a free trial of Winyaps, just download and run the install program by clicking the button below. All you need to do to run the free Winyaps reader is download the installation. When you’re asked for the code, just leave it blank and continue.

Download Winyaps 5

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