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19 Aug 2019

30 Things to do Before You Turn 30 – A Review

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Until I was asked to write this article, I hadn’t given turning 30 much thought. As a 28 year old close to my next birthday you may have thought it’d be on my agenda but I’m still far more interested in playing Pokemon and laughing at toilet jokes than most late-twenty year olds would care…

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Spotify Listening Data
7 Feb 2019

Listening Data as a Marketing Tool

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Throughout the day, I listen to a lot of music. Whilst I’m getting ready in the morning, walking to and from work and whilst I’m at my desk. I even find it difficult to get to sleep without my carefully curated playlist. I’m also a big fan of pointless statistics. It’s one of the things…

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30 Nov 2017

The new way to analyse Big Data?

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So what exactly is Big Data and why is it important? Well it is a term that was popularised in the early 2000s by Doug Laney, an industry analyst who defined it using the three Vs (volume, velocity and variety) – which refers to the amount of data, speed of data processing and amount of…

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